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CR600: 32-bit wideband power carrier communication chip

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CR600 is a broadband power line carrier SoC chip independently developed by Shanghai Yunjian Semiconductor for complex power line environments. It has the characteristics of high integration and high reliability. CR600's power line carrier transmission uses advanced OFDM technology, with a frequency range of 2MHz to 28MHz. It comes with FEC error correction and verification, adaptive frequency hopping, and effectively avoids power line noise. The physical layer transmission rate can reach up to 240Mbps. HD video transmission. As a digital baseband chip, the CR600 chip needs to be used in conjunction with the CR150 analog front-end (AFE) chip provided by Shanghai Yunjian Semiconductor.

CR600 is also a high-performance, low-power, high-integration 32-bit MCU chip, built-in Cortex M0 core, clocked up to 125MHz, built-in 256Kbyte SRAM, supports RTOS operating system, TCP / IP protocol stack and various complex Protocols and algorithms. Has rich external interfaces, such as up to 48 GPIO, SPI, UART, A / D, I2C, I2S, PWM, SDIO, Ethernet and other interfaces. The CR600 is connected to an external SPI Flash through a 4-wire SPI interface, which supports running programs directly on the Flash, saving SRAM, and achieving high-speed, zero-wait program execution through a 16Kbyte instruction cache.

CR600, as a SoC chip integrating 32-bit MCU and broadband power carrier functions, can be applied to pure power carrier communication, such as serial port / PLC transparent transmission, network port / PLC transparent transmission, etc., and can also be used as the main control chip Complete power carrier communication, operating system, user interface, real-time control, sensors, audio codec, signal processing, interaction with the cloud, and other functions to achieve a single-chip solution.

Cloud Cloud Semiconductor provides a complete hardware reference design and software development SDK for CR600. The hardware reference design includes the schematics, PCB, and BOM of the development board and module. The software development SDK includes documentation and code, where the code includes the driver library, the ported FreeRTOS source code, the ported LWIP source code, all peripheral and common function routines; the documentation includes the programming documentation, the driver library manual, and all routine instruction documents Wait. CR600 supports IAR integrated development environment. Users develop SDK based on CR600 software, equipped with CR600 development board, can experience power carrier communication and common peripheral functions of CR600 chip within half an hour.

Application areas: smart grid, building visual or voice intercom, elevator digital five-way intercom, photovoltaic power generation equipment monitoring, smart home, smart street lights.

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CR600 CR700 CR100 CR150 CR800 Bolt CPU Storm CPU
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