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Shanghai Yunjian Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic CPU / MCU chip design company dedicated to the design of independent CPU cores and the development of SoC chips and system products based on independent CPU cores.

The company has a team of senior technical experts and engineers from well-known companies and research institutions. The professional direction covers key technical fields such as CPU architecture design, chip design, Android system design, and broadband power carrier communication.

The company's products include CR600 and CR700 series 32-bit IoT MCU chips based on broadband power carrier communication technology. The chip has both the functions of a general 32-bit MCU and power carrier communication functions. It can transmit high-speed digital signals on analog cables such as power lines and coaxial cables. It can be used in smart home, security monitoring, smart street lights, photovoltaic power generation, smart doorbells, elevator Internet of Things, subway and other industries. The intelligent transformation needs, and creative solutions are proposed, which greatly reduce the construction costs of customers, and are favored by customers at home and abroad.

The company's products also have CR800 series chips widely used in wearable devices based on the Android operating system, especially mobile devices such as smart watches. They are SoC chips dedicated to smart watches. The SoC is compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Android, Android Wear, and Linux. And software, can install a large number of third-party software and development tools, and has extremely low power consumption, can be widely used in smart watches, smart glasses, etc. based on the Android operating system.

Yunjian Semiconductor warmly welcomes all kinds of technical professionals to join. In addition to the core compensation of the entrepreneurial members, the company will also give equity incentives. Whether it is an experienced expert or a recent graduate who has just stepped out of the campus, there is a platform here to show their abilities, realize their ideals in life, and show their value!

The company is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai (Address: No. 8 Wuzhong Road, Xuhui District, near the inner ring road of Zhongshan North Road, adjacent to the Jiaotong University Xuhui Campus, and within 10 minutes walk from subway lines 3, 4, 9, 10).

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